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Your workplace? Is waiting here with us. We are a team of innovative people driving change and guiding agile transformation. We empower others to be different. Our tools of the trade: a keen sense for people and organizations, agile methods and pragmatic approaches. That's how we move from problem to solution.

You want that too? Then join us! Because we are on fire for our team and what we do.

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Work with us!

Together we want to achieve great things. We work as a team, stick together and stand up for each other. Every individual is important. And because we value what you do, we make sure you're doing well: with bonuses, flexible working hours and much more.

Control is good, freedom is better. We love our freedom and want to give you the flexibility you need. That's why it's up to you to decide where and when you work - always taking into account your current project. Mobile at home, on the mountain or at the beach, or classically with your colleagues in the office.

You know what you are doing. We appreciate that and place our trust in you. For us, the following applies: You are your own master, you decide how to tackle challenges and thus have maximum room for action - without long discussions or decision-making processes. And if you ever need support, we're always there for you.

With us, you can be who you are. Show us what makes you you! If you fit in with us, we'll hire you. Because different people bring different perspectives to the table. That makes our team stronger and our work more diverse.

We treat each other with respect and honesty. We hold discussions at eye level, feedback is always honest and you can and must always voice your opinion.

We live transparency in all corporate decisions, practice open and direct communication at eye level and actively involve everyone in the further development of our team and the company. We always keep our motto in focus: Working together must be fun.

We learn from the best. This applies to our entire team. Because we are inquisitive people who never stop learning. That's why each employee has a generous educational budget that you can use as you see fit to hone your craft, build new skills and connections, and develop yourself further.

To make your work fun and to get the most out of it, we want to give you the workspace and the tools you need to do it. You have modern, flexible office space at your disposal for creative work and you are free to choose which hardware and software you need for an excellent job.

Your extra recovery.

Only rested employees are productive and satisfied. That's why we are open to extra vacation, sabbaticals or other options as needed.

Your events.

Frequent team events are a must. Barbecue, offsite, joint conference visits or a nice team evening in a classy restaurant. Let's enjoy!

Your hardware.

You can use your mobile devices privately - with a second SIM card, if you like. Who wants to be reachable all the time?

Your Mobility.

With us, you stay mobile. For example, with a company car, a job bike or a rail benefit card. You can work anywhere anyway.

Your time.

Flexibility is as important to us as it is to you. That's why we also offer flexible working time models in consultation with you that fit your current phase of life.

Your health.

Come sweat with us! Whether an hour with the personal trainer or rather a round of badminton in the team - you have the choice and we stay fit together.

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