Coaching & Mentoring

There is no "one size fits all" in coaching and mentoring. Every person, every manager, every employee is an individual with his or her own strengths, weaknesses and challenges. The approach to coaching must therefore be at least as individual. By asking specific questions, listening attentively and having a good feel for people, it is possible to select methods that are perfectly suited to the coachee's further development. Coaching katas and the right questions can also help the coachee to change their perspective. This empowers them to become their own problem solvers - true to our motto: We ask the right questions so you can find the right answers.

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  • How can employees develop individually?
  • How do my employees act in the spirit of the corporate culture?
  • How do I create a trusting environment for continuous development?
  • How can I develop established managers in a targeted manner?
  • How can I identify and develop potential leaders?

  • Individual coaching and/or coaching in the group
  • Developing content in self-study and discussion in coaching sessions
  • Observing the coachees in meetings / "on the job" with debriefing
  • Identification of development potentials for effective promotion of own strengths


Promotion of the desired corporate culture

Clear idea of the coachee's strengths and also weaknesses

Clarity about the further development process

Discarding of unhealthy behavior patterns

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