Cultural Change

A targeted change in corporate culture is a powerful lever for changing many areas within the organization for the better. It has been proven to have a direct influence on the way leadership is conducted or to have a significant impact on the satisfaction and thus the performance of employees. Transparency and trust as a basic attitude, a healthy error culture, and a shared understanding of values are a good start to bringing about positive change.

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  • How do I develop a corporate culture from a vision that is also lived by the employees?
  • How do I deal with fears and resistance to change?
  • What kind of corporate culture suits us at all?
  • How do I ensure that culture and strategy work together?

  • Developing a common basis with the help of vision and values workshops: Which values are important to my employees? What should our culture stand for in the future?
  • Executive coaching: Which soft skills need to be developed for the desired corporate culture?
  • Sustainability: Creating transparency with regard to the vision/values through workshops and active communication


The change is not only visible in the processes, but also in the way people work together

The employees' identification with the company increases and thus also their motivation

The personal responsibility of the employees increases

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