Delegating tasks, motivating employees and achieving the set goals with the team: A manager has to master a number of difficult tasks. Through targeted coaching, we provide your management level with the necessary knowledge and the right tools so that your managers of today - but also those of tomorrow - are able to make the right decisions, find answers to complex questions and lead self-organized teams.

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  • What needs to change in the way leadership works to enable responsive forms of collaboration?
  • What is the right level of trust and control? 
  • What can I do to strengthen self-organization in the team? 
  • How can I motivate and support my employees individually?
  • How can I break down habitual hierarchical patterns and ways of thinking?

  • Expanding the leadership skills of the management level through targeted individual coaching and methods adapted to the needs of the coachee (e.g. Ladder of Leadership, Delegation Poker)
  • Working out individual strengths and identifying potentials of the executives
  • Development of competencies to lead agile and self-organized teams
  • Strengthening the agile leadership role 


Improve a leader's performance and thus the productivity, motivation and self-organization of the managed team

Confident application of essential elements of Agile Leadership

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