Success can only be achieved with an organizational structure aligned with the strategy behind it. Designing structures is about creating the most appropriate and flexible organizational architecture to enable the achievement of the business strategy. Organizational design is a holistic approach to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your organization so that you can make targeted adjustments. Among other things, it is important to find out which structures are necessary to optimize performance, how processes need to be adapted, which roles and responsibilities are required, and how this can create a learning and adaptive organization.

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  • How can existing structures be adapted flexibly and quickly to changing conditions?
  • How can the ability to innovate be strengthened?
  • How can boundaries in the organization be broken down and dependencies reduced?
  • How do I create a cycle that promotes continuous learning and development?
  • How can I pass on know-how within the company?

  • With the product in focus, we identify the skills necessary for development
  • In self-designing team workshops we find the right people for each other
  • Depending on the product goal, teams and skills, the appropriate organizational form is chosen
  • Scaling frameworks provide orientation and make the organization adaptable


Adaptive organizational structure that is customer and market oriented

Strengthen intrinsic motivation instead of doctrine from above

Development towards a self-learning organization to strengthen innovative power

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