The word "change management" is on everyone's lips. However, the fundamental recognition that change makes sense and is necessary is already worth a great deal. Our many years of experience in supporting organizations during their transformation shows, however, that classic change management is seldom the right
is rarely the right starting point for the desired or necessary change. In order to really bring about a is first of all to transform the corporate culture and organizational structures. Only when this basis has been created can change management methods be used to transform the change methods can be used to implement the change that has been initiated in the organization.

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  • How can I communicate the necessary changes to my employees?
  • How can I reach my employees on an emotional level?
  • What should I do if my employees react negatively to the terms "change" and "transformation"?
  • How can I ensure that my employees implement the defined change measures?

  • Description of why the change is necessary (Purpose): What do we want a change in the company for?
  • Participants (teams) work out the concrete procedure in workshops: How can we contribute to the Purpose?
  • Teams describe their motivation, why they want to contribute and formulate clear goals, which are linked to concrete measures/activities


All people involved in the company have recognized the need for change

All drive the change through intrinsic motivation

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